Exploring Healthy Food Myths

Sweet and Healthy


Refined sugars have come under fire in recent years. They have been an additive to many processed foods, and they are accused of helping contribute empty excess calories to many diets. Obesity and the unhealthy side effects it can produce are often laid at the door of refined sugars. Many nutrition experts have been trying to switch people to the sweet and healthy sugars found in natural fruits, yet those can also add weight to a healthy diet.

Sweetness is craved by many, and people can feel deprived if they do not have at least some of it in their diet. Eating healthy is about cutting down the excess, so it may be possible to add some products with refined sugars. Balancing them against the natural sugars contained in many fruits could be a good way to have a nutritious diet that satisfies a sweet tooth.

Fruits that are very sweet often contain a large percentage of natural sugar. This fact has not been widely touted. That natural sugar contains calories, and eating too much of some fruits could constitute an unbalanced or unhealthy diet. Learning about the best fruits to eat for sugar content could be a step in the right direction.

A nutritious diet that is satisfying should be about a balance between taste, texture, and nutrition. For those looking for the best options, learning how to balance the sweetness of fresh fruit within a nutritious diet may be a challenge that will keep them healthy and happy.