Exploring Healthy Food Myths

No More Meat


Recent years have shown there are plenty of people willing to at least try a vegan approach to eating. This may become more popular as time goes on, yet not everyone is convinced of the healthy options it offers. Some people may simply love the flavour and texture of meat too much to give it up. Others might believe there is not enough nutrition to decide there will be no more meat in their diet. The arguments go back and forth, and scientists are still collecting and collating the data.

Leaving meat out of the diet comes in several different levels. The most popular at first is generally giving up only meat. People on this type of plan still consume products that are provided by animals such as milk, cheese, and other dairy items. This is considered by purists to be no better than eating meat, but it can be a start for those seeking a healthier diet.

True vegans eat no meat or products that come from animals. It can be difficult to navigate at first, but entire food production companies are ready and willing to assist them. Tofu has long been touted as a meat substitute. While it may not have been readily available in years past, this soy product is now on most grocery store shelves. Finding recipes is as easy as an online search, and many vegans have come to enjoy it.

There are plenty of substitutes available today for those foregoing meats, and there is a great deal of information to help consumers find what they need and want. The ability to completely switch a basic diet from one based on meat to one without any has come a long way. As far as health benefits, there seem to be many by leaving behind high cholesterol foods. Scientists are still exploring this field, and they may have more information in the coming years and decades.